John Lennon Clone Project? Unlikely, but very soon we may discover lost Beatle Love Children!

Could John Lennon be cloned? Let's Imagine it could someday be
OK, this is a stretch but paternity testing isn't:

What would Tom Cruise say about being in a Sci-Fi Blockbuster Movie about Cloning John Lennon?
Hopefully we'll eventually be able to find out. A s
cience fiction movie script idea is being promoted by Dr. Zuk, the owner of the JL molar as a way to explore the possibilities of the future. Will it ever be possible to bring back people back with advances in medicine? The answer is of course. Would a return of specific people of significance be welcomed by everyone? Of course not...especially when control of tens of millions of dollars are at stake.

When the Beatle's former housekeeper decided to auction John Lennon's tooth it provided an opportunity to investigate the genome of one of the world's most famous rock icons. The dentist who purchased the rotten molar believes this can provide the genetic code. This information will be needed by researchers to do things we only imagined in the past. In the near future scientists will announce that human cloning is a safe way to create life. 

Cloning Now?

Listen to the Talk Show 'We Had a Good Life' as the hosts realise the John Lennon Clone, and any clone for that matter could/should/would have legal rights - LINK

UPDATE: Sept. 6, 2015 -On the topic of legal matters the owner of the John Lennon tooth is proposing a review of the John Lennon estate. He is suggesting the estate be placed in a trust which is controlled equally by the two men believed to be John Lennon's sons. If this were to occur Dr. Zuk would consider donating the control of the JL DNA project to the trust. 

This initiative is simply part of a larger project that could essentially form a 'DNA Ark' which would be a safe house for the genetic code of important figures in our human history. 

We are searching for experienced science fiction writers interested in participating this exciting project:

Photo credit:  -Writers may submit their CV by fax to 403-342-0481 
For demonstration purposes only - actors mentioned are not associated with the proposed film project. The film project is unauthorized by the John Lennon estate.

*New Song Released & entered in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition- 'On the Homepage of' 
-written by Michael Zuk & Curtis Phagoo
-performed by Curtis & Friends

*QUOTE: "...he wanted to be a baby again..." - p.619 John Lennon, The Life -by Philip Norman

*"Celebrity tooth collector invited to speak at IdeaCity Conference

*"Newsweek Magazine interview discusses the John Lennon Clone Project."

*"Owning the genetic real estate..." - News Story Details Clone Ideas

*John Lennon DNA discussed on episode one of DEAD FAMOUS DNA -Channel 4 UK

*John Lennon Clone featured in United Airlines HEMISPHERES Magazine - LINK. "I was sitting in the plane on my way to Manchester thinking the clone story should be in this airline magazine, and I laughed when it was!" - Michael Zuk DDS

*Guinness Records reviewing documentation on JL tooth.

*The John Lennon Tooth was reportedly transported from a US university lab to a DNA lab in Asia without the knowledge of Dr. Zuk, the tooth's owner. The dentist is said to be 'more irritable about this than Yoko Ono at a Paul McCartney concert.'

The latest John Lennon DNA Project includes a proposed joint venture with a commercial sequencing lab interested in actively participating in a television documentary/film. This may include sharing the rights to a future cloning project that is tentatively scheduled for 2040 to recognize John Lennon's 100th birthday.

"The fuss about cloning is rather silly, I can't see any essential distinction between cloning and producing brothers and sisters in the time-honored way."
 - Stephen Hawking

"Can Lennon (or anyone else for that matter) be cloned? The answer is yes."
- Sir John Gurdon, Nobel Prize Recipient  

Dr. Michael Zuk on the TODAY Show discussing the possibilities (above)

Vote to Clone/Not to Clone? (LINK)

"De-extinction has gone very much further, very much more rapidly than anyone ever would've imagined." - 
Ross MacPhee, paleontologist

The first round of press was a snicker about the listing of a Beatle tooth at auction, then an explosion with the sale of the tooth for a record-breaking amount. This second blitz of mega-publicity is NOTHING compared to the attention this story will get when the John Lennon DNA project reaches the ultimate goal of bringing back an actual genetic replica of the late Rock Legend. Many will say the creation of a living clone of John Lennon is immoral or insane, but it can be argued otherwise. JL would have prefered to have lived a full life and continue with his efforts for PEACE. If things are left to natural progression, as seen with Elvis's massive estate, JL INC will eventually fall into the hands of people who have no genetic link to the Beatle. Perhaps the time is right to look into this venture as the Beatle's will. 

"The thing that I always say is, if you don't try, how would you know it's not possible?"
 - Insung Hwang, cloning expert


Human cells have already been cloned and replicated for over 50 years. The story of Henrietta's Cells will shock you. It is a true story about a poor Black woman who had her cells cultured for science and they are still alive today (long after her death) in many of the labs around the world. Rich, poor,
famous or unknown the issues related to genetic sciences are complex. Few will be able to make intelligent comments about these topics unless they take the time to learn more about what has already occurred behind the scenes.

"If you don't think cloning is possible, you need to read BRINGING THEM BACK TO LIFE, National Geographic April, 2013." - Dr. Michael Zuk

HUMAN CLONING may already be happening. As mentioned in the article above, while you are reading this we know at least one species in Australia is being brought back to life with advanced cloning techniques. If man drove something into extinction, doesn't it seem right to try to bring it/him/her back?

The John Lennon DNA investigation may provide the essentials needed to allow the possibility of an exact genetic clone in the not too distant future. Hank Greely, who is a leading bioethicist at Sanford, commented on bringing back extinct animals as 'really cool'...we wonder what he would say about a Beatle? Groovy?

In a recent interview Harvard synthetic biologist George Church said:

"...reading and writing DNA is now about a million times faster than seven or eight years ago. Another technology that the de-extinction of a Neanderthal would require is human cloning. We can clone all kinds of mammals, so it's very likely that we could clone a human. Why shouldn't we be able to do so?"

 To follow the latest news and interviews related to the John Lennon Clone Project visit

"Fox & Friends had an interesting guest discuss the concept of saving extracted teeth for the collection of stem cells. These cells could possibly be used later in life for possible life-saving procedures. I would argue with the dentist, that if scientists believe they can clone a Neanderthal cave man from the genome found in prehistoric teeth, it would be possible to clone John Lennon. Calling Harvard educated experts practitioners of 'junk science' is insulting...I may have to clone Bruce Lee and kick his butt." - Michael Zuk DDS
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