John Lennon Clone Project? Unlikely, but very soon we may discover lost Beatle Love Children!

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[Dr. Michael Zuk

As a fan of Rock & Roll and a practising dentist who writes books about marketing and using celebrity to promote business/charity/causes the chance to purchase John Lennon's Tooth was a once in a lifetime bolt of lightening.

"Many people ask me...'why?' The answer is it may have been destiny. Like John Lennon I have been a cartoonist, songwriter, band member, shy self-promoter and author. Born the same year the Beatles were formed, lived blocks away from where Lennon's life ended and having a last name that translates in beetle are enough for me." - mz

Question: What do you think about the bioethical questions related to cloning?

Answer: "I'll let you know once the technology is proven to be relatively this point we are not quite ready to argue about it. What is wrong in one country may be acceptable in another."

Question: If a clone was actually born, what would your participation be in the adventure?

Answer: 'This is more of a sci-fi theoretical project, with some thoughts on the question if brought to reality I would push for equality in the control of the Lennon Estate...the two sons and the clone should be equal partners. It's disturbing that there was never effort made to equalize the financial reward between Julian and Sean. I would love to see Julian afforded the repect he deserves and naturally if a clone was ever born it would keep lawyers and law makers busy dealing with the shock of it all. Pretty interesting area of law that would blow people's minds. Billionaries like Donald Trump would be planning for perpetual life.'- mz

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"More commentary about the John Lennon Clone Project...where are the scientists?"- mz

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